1. Crocheted Amish Puzzle Ball

This project was, naturally, a Pinterest find. After I’d gotten all my stuff settled in my new craft zone, I realized there were two more boxes of yarn stashed in C’s closet – and some more fabric I had meant to use – and some other stuff in my room – anyway, there was no way it would all fit. So now I’m faced with the (awful!) predicament of finding projects to use some of this stuff up. Then I can put it back in some other room justifiably, because it will actually be clothes or a gift or some other slightly more useful… something.

Crocheted Amish Puzzle Ball
The messy house actually looks pretty cute when it’s taken out of context like this. 🙂

Since I haven’t made anything for the baby yet – because I’m convinced it’s a girl but have no actual proof that making adorable little-girl clothes would be a good use of my time – I figured crocheting some toys would be a good use of yarn. And gender-neutral. And fast, so I could make three or four and keep extras for shower gifts. This Amish Puzzle Ball concept was popular on Pinterest, but most links were to sites which then linked through to this fantastic pattern:


I like the blue/white/brown combo – very trendy – but I’m excited to make another one with black, white, and red. I think it will be more visually exciting, especially for a new baby. I also neglected to read the whole description of the project and went straight to the instructions, and the description mentioned some things about assembly that the instructions didn’t. So I’ll do some things differently next time around.

1. Crocheted Amish Puzzle Ball

3 thoughts on “1. Crocheted Amish Puzzle Ball

  1. Hi 🙂 thank you for the link! And your ball came out lovely. The colours are so comforting.

    Would you mind telling me what it was that I didn’t mention in the instructions so that I can fix it and save some other poor souls some confusion?

    Thanx again


    1. No problem – it’s not a big thing, it’s just that I came to the instructions pdf through another site, so I didn’t see your original post. You explain the assembly of the ball very clearly in your actual post, but in the instructions there is only the picture ‘clue’. Because the two rings that are already assembled in the picture are only seen from above, it’s kind of unclear how they got that way – really hard to make one chain of four wedges be in that shape. I think most people who have seen something like this before (or bothered to look it up at all) would figure it out very easily. I just tied it all together in the middle, not realizing that it should come apart and go back together. But it’s still cute, and let’s face it, a baby just won’t care. 🙂

      Aside from that very small confusion, the instructions were beautiful – very clear, great pictures, and a pleasure to work with. Thanks so much for putting them together for everyone to use! I’ll have to check out the rest of your projects sometime soon.


      1. Thank you 🙂 and yes, I’m sure the baby won’t care. Some people actually prefer it all sewn together. I’ve recently done a little crochet dinosaur pattern using the same principle. As soon as I get feedback from the ladies testing it, it’ll go on my site as well.

        Glad you liked it and that you found the rest of the instructions clear.

        Keep well and happy hooking!

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